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El idioma oficial del Simposio es el inglés. Habrá traducción simultánea inglés/español y español/inglés.

Programa preliminar

Próximamente publicaremos más detalles acerca del programa y la agenda del simposio.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Welcome Cocktail and early registration

19:15 Hotel Plaza El Bosque Nueva Las Condes
Av. Manquehue Nte. 656, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana

Day 1: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Welcome and Introduction

8:00 Xavier Emery, University of Chile
Octavio Araneda, Co-Chairman, CODELCO- Chile
Javier A. Vallejos, Chairman, University of Chile

Session 1 – Seismic Hazard and Seismic Monitoring

Session Chair: Stanisław Lasocki. Institute of Geophysics PAS. Poland.


Keynote Lecture

Mapping Seismic Ground Motion Hazard in Mines. Aleksander J. Mendecki, Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia

9:10 IS-EPOS Platform for Anthropogenic Seismicity Research: a modern e-tool of EPOS Thematic Core Service „Anthropogenic Hazards”, designed to integrate infrastructures and facilitate research of human induced seismicity.
Rudziński, Ł. Lasocki, S., Orlecka – Sikora, B. Institute of Geophysics PAS, Poland,; Szepieniec, T. Academic Computer Center Cyfronet AGH, Poland; Leptokaroupolos, K. Institute of Geophysics PAS, Garcia-Aristizabal, A. AMRA, Italy; Grasso, J.-R Observatoire Multidisciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants, France and Kwiatek; G. German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany.
9:30 High-Quality Microseismic Monitoring in Mines: Accelerometers or Geophones?
Rebuli, D.B. Institute of Mine Seismology, Canada; Goldswain, G. and Lynch, R.A. Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia
9:50 A Seismic Data-driven Methodology to Assess the Probability of Softening and Hardening Regimes.
Soto, G., Fontbona, J. Center for Mathematical Modeling, Chile; Gaete, S. Codelco, Chile; Prado, J. Center for Mathematical Modeling, Chile and Dunlop, R. Codelco, Chile

Morning Break

Session Chair: Aleksander Mendecki. Institute of Mine Seismology. Australia.

10:30 Complex networks applied to induced seismicity: Universalities.
Pasten, D., Vallejos, J.A. Universidad de Chile, Chile
10:50 The effect of sensor bandwidth limitations on the calculation of seismic hazard for mines.
Morkel, I.G., Wesseloo, J. Australian Centre for Geomechanics, The University of Western Australia, Australia
11:10 Numerical approach for evaluating microseismic array performances: case study of a deep metal mine monitoring network .
De Santis, F., Nancy Lizeur, A. Tonnellier, A. INERIS, France; Matrullo, E. EOST, France; Bernard, P. IPG, France; Nyström, A. BOLIDEN, Sweden
11:30 Soft Assignment Classification of Seismicity in Caving Mines.
Meyer, S., Wit, T., Malovichko, D. Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia
11:50 Temporal Changes in Stress State Imaged through Seismic Tomography.
Bosman, K., Baig, A.M., Urbancic, T.I. ESG Solutions, Canada
12:10 Seismic Analysis Without Seismic Data. The relevance of ground observation for seismic interpretation.
Jarufe, J. A., University of Santiago de Chile, Chile; Soto, C. SRK Consulting Chile; Verdugo, J. Aes-Gener Chile


Session 2 – Mechanism of Seismic Events and Rockbursts

Session Chair: Sergio Balboa. Codelco El Teniente. Chile


Keynote Lecture

Seismic sources and rockburst damage in South Africa and Chile. Gerrie van Aswegen. Institute of Mine Seismology, South Africa

14:40 Complex Mechanism of Rockburst observed on Polish Copper Mines.
Rudziński, Ł. Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; Cesca, S. GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany, Talaga, A., Koziarz, E. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Rudna Copper Mine, Poland
15:00 Spectro-temporal Power Signature Estimation on Seismic-Coda Data.
Soto, G., Fontbona, J. Center for Mathematical Modeling, University of Chile, Chile; Gaete, S. Codelco, Chile
15:20 Fan-hinged shear as a source of shear rupture rockbursts.
Tarasov, B.G. University of Western Australia, Australia
15:40 Seismic Source Mechanisms at Bloque 1 Sector, El Teniente Mine.
Fuentes, R. E-Mining Technology, Chile; Alegría, J.P., Espíndola, J., Codelco El Teniente, Chile

Afternoon Break

Session Chair: Richard Lynch. Institute of Mine Seismology. Australia.

16:20 Microseismic monitoring of caving and collapsing events in solution mines.
Kinscher, J., Coccia, S., Daupley, X., Bigarre, P. INERIS, France
16:40 Sub-horizontal faulting mechanism for large rockbursts at the El Teniente Mine.
Brzovic, A., Skarmeta, J., Blanco, B., Dunlop, R., Sepulveda, M. P. Codelco El Teniente, Chile
17:00 Seismic source mechanism extended for rupture propagation estimate: a chance for the fault identification?
Šílený, J. Institute of Geophysics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
17:20 On the tectonophysical conditions of tectonic rock bursts.
Batugin, A.S. Mining Institute MISiS, Russia

Day 2:Thursday, 16 November 2017

Session 3 – Ground Control and Support System

Session Chair: Patricia Boeg- Jensen. Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB. Sweden.


Keynote Lecture

Ground control in strainbursting ground – A critical review and path forward on design principles. Peter K. Kaiser. Laurentian University, Canada

8:40 Full-scale dynamic tests of a ground support system using two layers of high-tensile strength chain link mesh to increase the energy absorption at El Teniente Mine, Chile.
Muñoz, A., Rojas, E. Codelco El Teniente, Chile; Brändle, R., Luis, R., Fisher, G. Geobrugg Group, Switzerland
9:00 Evaluation of kinetic energy on rocks ejected during rock bursting through image processing of compression tests. “El Teniente” mine case.
Bravo-Haro, M. Imperial College London, UK; Muñoz, A., Rojas, E. Codelco El Teniente, Chile; Sarrazin, M. University of Chile, Chile
9:20 Evaluation of a ground support system against expected rockbursts.
Hartman, W. Geohart Limited, Australia

Morning Break

Session Chair: Zara Anderson. ESG solutions. Canada.

10:20 Towards Energy Magnitude for Mining-Induced Seismicity.
Rudziński, Ł. Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; Dineva, S. Department of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
10:40 Assessment and Testing of Seismic Hazard for Planned Mining Sequences: Examples from SLC and Open Stoping Mines.
Malovichko, D. and Cuello, D.
11:00 Mechanisms of seismic and rockburst events in Uchucchacua Mine.
Regalado, D. Cía Mines of Buenaventura S.A.A, Peru
11:20 Integrated photogrammetry and discrete fracture network modeling to determine rock structure around excavations at the El Teniente mine.
Brzovic, A., Molina, I. L., Codelco El Teniente, Chile
11:40 Effects of parallel fractures near a free surface on velocity amplification of S-wave.
Botelho, A.H., Zhang, P., Nordlund, E. Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
12:00 Analysis of seismicity induced by undercutting and draw bell blasting at Reservas Norte, El Teniente Mine.
Cornejo, J.A, Codelco El Teniente, Chile; Ortega, V.O., Vallejos, J.A. University of Chile, Chile


Session 4 – Preconditioning and Rock Mass Response

Session Chair: Andres Brzovic. Codelco El Teniente. Chile.


Invited Presentation

Modeling multi-scale processes in hydraulic fracture propagation using the Implicit Level Set Algorithm (ILSA). Anthony Peirce. University of British Columbia, Canada

14:40 Hydraulic Fracturing trial layout and approach to mitigate the seismic hazard at LKAB’s mines in Kiruna and Malmberget.
Boeg-Jensen, P.K., Jonsson, K. Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB, Sweden; Jeffrey, R.G. SCT Operations Pty Ltd, Australia
15:00 Experimental verification of the damage extension variability along blast holes in a confined blasting campaign.
Piñeyro, I., León, J., Gonzalez, G. CodelcoTech, Chile; Pinilla, G. Codelco, Chile
15:20 Hydraulic fracturing applied to tunnels development at El Teniente Mine.
Rojas, E., Landeros, P. Codelco El Teniente, Chile
15:40 Resolving the Behavior of the Rock Mass in the Sill Pillar through Dynamic Parameters.
Smith-Boughner, L., Baig, A.M. Urbancic, T.I. ESG Solutions, Canada

Afternoon Break

Session 4 – Preconditioning and Rock Mass Response

Session Chair: Daniela Pollak. Universidad de Chile, Chile.


Invited Presentation

Potential of Seismic Analysis in Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations in Mining: Learnings from Over a Decade of Application in the Petroleum Industry. Ted Urbancic. ESG Solutions, Canada

17:00 Cave Front Tracking using Anomalous Travel Times.
Lőtter, E.C., Lynch, R.A. Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia
17:20 Full-Waveform Microseismic Event Location and Source Mechanism from a Single Seismogram.
Lynch, R. A. Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia, Jackson, S. University of Tasmania, Australia, Brijraj, S., Moolla, S. University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
17:40 Evaluation of the Rock Deterioration Criterion and the Strain Energy Co-Criterion to Anticipate and Mitigate Rockbursts Currently Under Mining by Caving.
Krstulovic, G., Geomecanica Ltda, Chile

Conference Dinner

Centro de Eventos Terrazas de la Reina

Av. Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco 11095 (ex Av. Larraín) La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Friday, 17 November 2017


Session 5- Case Studies

Session Chair: Dmitriy Malovichko. Institute of Mine Seismology. South Africa.


Keynote Lecture

Management of Seismic Hazard in High Stresses Conditions, El Teniente Mine. Eduardo Rojas. Codelco El Teniente, Chile

8:40 Microseismic Monitoring Strategy and Early Rockburst Experience during the development of Glencore’s Nickel Rim Deep and Onaping Depth Projects.
Butler, T.G. Engineering Seismology Group (ESG), Canada; Simser, B.S. Glencore Company, Canada
9:00 Application of rock-burst concepts to understanding the sudden collapse of ribs in coal mines.
Seedsman, R.W. Seedsman Geotechnics, Australia
9:20 An Approach to Short-Term Seismic Hazard Assessment at the El Teniente Mine.
Dunlop, R.E. Codelco El Teniente, Chile
9:40 Analysis of induced seismicity monitored during 2012 -2013 at 16 level (16, 17 areas) – III northern panel in Div. Andina Codelco-Chile.
Belmonte, A. University of Concepción, Chile; Quiñones, L., Toro, L. Codelco Andina, Chile

Morning Break


Session Chair: Alejandro Jofre. University of Chile. Chile.


Invited Lecture

A catastrophic event in Rudna copper-ore mine in Poland on 29 November, 2016: what, how and why. Stanisław Lasocki, Institute of Geophysics PAS, Poland

11:00 Monitoring the stability of tailings dam walls using ambient seismic noise.
Oliver, G., Lynch, R.A., Hobart De Wit, T. Institute of Mine Seismology, Hobart, Australia
11:20 Attenuation measurements in underground mines.
Calixto, F. Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia
11:40 Space or Space-time clustering? A selection criterion methodology using mining induced seismicity data.
Estay, R., Vallejos, J.A. University of Chile, Chile
12:00 Calibration of Modelled Seismicity in South African Mines.
Gerber, J., Kohler, S. Institute of Mine Seismology, South Africa
12:20 Discussion on RaSiM10.
12:30 Closing Ceremony
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