International Committee

A. Linkov

Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS, Russia

A. McGarr

U.S. Geological Survey, USA

A. Mendecki

Institute of Mine Seismology, Australia

C. Trifu

Queen’s University, Canada

D. Beck

Beck Engineering, Australia

G. Van Aswegen

Institute of Mine Seismology, South Africa

H. Ogasawara

Ritsumeikan University , Japan

J. Šílený

Geophysical Institute, Czech Republic

M. Hudyma

Laurentian University , Canada

P. Kaiser

Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, Canada

R. Durrheim

Witwatersrand University , South Africa

R. Brummer

Itasca, Canada

S. Lasocki

Institute of Geophysics PAS, Poland

S. Spottiswoode

South Africa

Y. Potvin

Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Australia

Local Committee

Javier Vallejos

University of Chile, Chile

Miguel Vera

University of Santiago- Usach- Chile

Arturo Belmonte

University of Concepcion, Chile

Cesar Pardo

University of Desarrollo, Chile

Alejandro Jofre

University of Chile, Chile